At Strategic Security Solutions, we aim to deliver only the best-quality products to our clients. This means that we audit all of our security solutions before utilizing them as part of our security suites, and you can be assured of the quality of your security products. Our “focused” approach allows maximum allows us to get maximum experience with the same product lines. Our experience with these product lines, in turn,  enables end users to get the absolute most out of their chosen solution.

We also believe that the best security system is one that has multiple different features working together in an integrated network. As such, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate our security solutions together and move your site security safely into the cloud, where you do not have to worry about software updates or storing a large amount of files on-site. In addition, our products offer a multiplicative improvement in security when working together. This means that the overall security provided by multiple products is greater than the mere sum of its parts. It also means that you can worry less about security and worry more about making sure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.



Strategic Security Solutions offers intercoms as part of our integrated security offerings.These two-way voice and video intercom solutions are an excellent way to supplement your secure area, especially when integrated with our other security offerings. We offer multiple different levels of Intercom Security Systems that can fulfill different security needs based on your unique situation. Just like our other security offerings, we only use intercom products that we have audited beforehand, so you can be confident in the quality of the product you are installing. Our top-quality offerings also allow connection to a remote facility. This allows roll-down to a separate center, granting additional flexibility.
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 Access Control

Strategic Security Solutions understands how necessary access control is to maintaining the security of your property. It  allows you to increase the ease of audits, and allows you to almost entirely eliminate the use of hard keys. Instead of standard keys, our proven security access control solutions utilize key fobs, cards, or a number of other biometric scans. In addition, our Access Control system can also pull data and print ID badges which would become access credentials for your employees. At Strategic Security Solutions, we believe that the thing that sets us apart is our disparate disparate database integration. This could possibly look like a situation where the active directory is your employee database, and we have tied security to said active directory by mapping fields. This integration eliminates duplicate data entry and allows for peace of mind.
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Over the last nearly two decades, Strategic Security Solutions has watched CCTV systems evolve from tape-based systems, through DVR-based systems, and finally end up a the IP-based systems we see today. The advantages of these newer systems include higher resolution cameras that are not limited in number beyond a server limit. Our experience with watching the CCTV world evolve has put us in a unique position to take advantage of the new technology in the field. As with our other services, we believe that the best use of this new technology is integration. With integration, security systems become more than the sum of their parts and become part of a truly effective whole. We are committed to keeping our staff ahead of the curve in the world of CCTV security, and offer multiple different levels of solutions depending on your unique needs and circumstances.
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Intrusion Detection

Strategic Security Solutions understands that the ability to detect intrusion is a part of any security system. Having been in the security industry since 2002, we have also learned that it works best when we integrate it with our other security offerings. This integration allows us to mitigate the number one problem with any intrusion detection system: nuisance alarms. Nuisance alarms can cause both angst within your security team and possible expenses for unnecessary alarms. We utilize our experience in both intrusion detection and other security services to design a system that minimizes nuisance alarms while still giving our clients a viable and effective intrusion detection system.
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Visitor Management

If you are part of an industry that relies on being able to control a large influx of temporary visitors, you already understand how the difference between a secure day and the loss of either company secrets or a much more unsafe occurrence can rest on the accurate tracking and control of where your visitors have gone. Many companies still rely on old paper-based systems, and are stuck in a mire of disorganized paperwork. Our well-tested visitor management solutions can connect your visitor management with the correct peripherals, lessening or eliminating the need for lots of paperwork. We can also integrate your Visitor Management systems with our other security offerings, maximizing the coverage your security options can give you and making your workplace a more secure location.