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At Strategic Security Solutions we understand how important Access Control is to your business. We know that the ability to control and monitor who gets into secure spaces in your building or property is of paramount importance to those industries that need to keep secure records or other safety-mandated precautions. Since we provide services in North Carolina, the greater southeast, and all of the world, Strategic Security Solutions has a forward-facing view of managed Access Control. We endeavor to be at the forefront of any advancements that could make your security system better.

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At Strategic Security Solutions, we have been at the edge of Access Control and Managed Access Control innovation since 2002, mastering the use of our choice products to guarantee the success of our clients. We use advanced systems to allow our users to eliminate hard keys. These same systems allow our clients to monitor openings with cameras or CCTV systems. This means that our clients have an easy and accessible audit trail for accountability, and can even automate these reports to further streamline the audit and accountability process.

Technology Solutions for Managed Access Control

We believe that the best Access Control is the system that is at the junction of ease of use and highest security. In pursuit of that ideal, we at Strategic Security Solutions utilize many technologies such as proximity, Biometric, and FIPS 201 PIV II-compliant readers. These technologies give our clients the edge necessary for top-tier Managed Access Control, and the security control that an old key-based system would never be able to provide. This technology also allows our customers to restrict access to certain people at certain times, which a much higher sense of security that these limitations will be followed, as it is much harder to share irises than keycards. What this means for our clients is that they can have much more faith in the reliability of their Managed Access Control systems, as they are all tied together in our Hosted Access Control system.

Integrated Security and Hosted Access Control

At Strategic Security Solutions, we believe that integrating your Access Control system with other security systems such as CCTV systems, Intercoms, Visitor Management Systems, and Intrusion Detection Systems is the best way to guarantee the security of your property. The integration of these disparate systems guarantees an overall security system that can link data through multiple avenues and make your Access Control even more iron-clad. It also makes data management easier, as you can tie your security solutions to your active directory and third party databases.

We also believe that the best way to guarantee that your systems are always working and up to date is to host them on the cloud. Our Hosted Access Control systems eliminate the requirement for an on-site server. This means that you do not have to worry about updates to your software or antivirus programs, as they will be handled remotely. This is an ideal solution for a company without its own IT department, but it can also be useful for a company that doesn’t desire the hassle of maintaining their own databases. Finally, having a remote Hosted Access Control solution means that you can access your system from anywhere in the world with a standard web browser.

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