Shown above: Renovated Chatham County Court House after 2010 fire. Built in 1881, the courthouse is listed on the National Historic Registry.
Strategic Security Solutions installed the new security systems as part of the team to restore the historic court house.

Solutions for CCTV and IP Video

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At Strategic Security Solutions, we have watched the development and evolution of the IP CCTV industry since 2002. Our nearly 15 years of experience have given us a very unique outlook on the growth of the IP CCTV and IP Video industry, and we have the necessary expertise to give you the best options.

Evolution of the CCTV Market

In our experience, the CCTV market has been shifting in recent years from an analog to an IP video world. What this means for you is that data tracking and collation is easier than ever before, but only with the correct experts working behind the scenes to make sure that your IP CCTV system is organized and inter-connected with the rest of your security to log infractions, audit access, and guarantee safety. However, we understand that some clients might be hesitant to pay the up-front costs of completely replacing their old analog systems. In those cases, we offer hybrid solutions which allow our customers to continue using their current analog camera systems while paving the way for a future migration to a fully IP CCTV system. This is all part of our drive to give our customers the best overall security arrangements for their circumstances. These security arrangements also often include Access Control, Intercom Systems, Intrusion Detection, and Visitor Management. Combined, all of these systems guarantee that your commercial security system will be iron-clad.

Strategic Security Solutions IP CCTV and IP Video Programs

At Strategic Security Solutions, we endeavor to give our clients the very best possible options in the IP CCTV world. In order to maintain our edge and our clients’ satisfaction, we have CompTia Net+ personnel on board who are able to work with a customer’s IT department to design and implement a successful and unique solution for a client’s specific business needs. The solutions we offer include video analytics for intelligent arming and also IP Video surveillance as a service. Our IP video surveillance offering allows for 24-hour remote monitoring by a live operator, which has the possibility to allow customers to reduce or eliminate active guard staff. This reduces security overhead costs without risking the security of your building or your employees.

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If you have a CCTV program that needs to be addressed, upgraded, or otherwise changed, Strategic Security Solutions is for you. We offer some of the most technologically-advanced IP CCTV solutions, and can integrate them to give you the edge to track and control everything for both auditing and security purposes. If you still have a largely-analog video system, we can prepare you for a future migration to an IP CCTV system while still utilizing your current legacy cameras. If you need a IP Video upgrade or installation, fill out the form below or call 919-900-4030 to contact us today!