Strategic Security Solutions Intercom Systems

At Strategic Security Solutions we offer multiple intercom solutions to supplement your secure area. Intercom systems are often a vital part of an overall security scheme, as they allow you to vocally police your secure area without having to be physically present. They also allow you to communicate between gates, buildings, and secure zones, reducing the amount of times your employees must pass through your Controlled Access points and lessening your security audit load. These two-way voice and video intercom solutions offer features such as noise reduction, automated testing, and intercom over IP. Our Intercom over IP solutions can be exchange-based, SIP compatible, or point-to-point solutions.

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Intercom Solutions by Strategic Security Solutions

At Strategic Security Solutions, we only use the best intercom systems for your security project. We audit all of our intercom products to guarantee that they offer excellent overall quality and good integration capabilities with the rest of Strategic Security Solutions’ other access control solutions such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Visitor Management, and Access Control. Our focus on only product lines that meet our exacting standards also means that our technicians gain much more expertise and can better serve your unique situational needs.

Integrated Security and Intercom Systems

Due to our interest in providing you with the best security package possible, our offerings are all designed to tie together into one holistic security system that can aptly cover all your needs under a single aegis. In this integrated system, your intercom system could be tied to activate a CCTV camera which would be part of an Access Control solution, guaranteeing you multiple fail safes and a program that has better and more auditable security results than most other systems.

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If you have long been considering installing an intercom system or upgrading your current intercom system, Strategic Security solutions can help. With our expertise and devotion to only the best intercom systems, we know exactly how to utilize strengths to maximize your security value. Even more important, with our integrated security systems you could acquire total protection for your business. Contact Strategic Security Solutions today if you wish to upgrade your Intercom systems!