Feenics / SAFR Integration Provides Game Changing Facial Authentication Experience

Real Networks, Inc.’s SAFR SCAN biometric access reader allows a frictionless and hands free method of gaining access to gates, facilities, elevators, etc. This technology coupled with a bidirectional integration with Feenics changes the game. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Traditionally biometrics require a cumbersome enrollment process. With the Feenics integration, enrollment is non-existent. As long as cardholder images reside in the Feenics DB, an enrollment process is not required.
  • Feenics communicates directly with the reader. This eliminates the requirement for a traditional ACS panel making the cost of implementation only slightly higher than a traditional card reader.
  • This solution provides a truly contactless means of entry. No cards required.
  • Security concerns such as tailgating are monitored and communicated to the Feenics interface.
  • Security is enhanced significantly. There is no longer the vulnerability of personnel gaining access by use of other’s credentials. Liveness detection adds detection and alerting capabilities when a printed or digital image is presented.

In summary, if experiencing a contactless, state of the art experience offering heightened level of security at an insignificant cost increase over a traditional card reader is something of interest to you, please contact your S3 Sales Team for more information!