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Red Hat Tower

Red Hat has placed their trust in Strategic Security Solutions for the installation of the access control and CCTV systems in their new building in downtown Raleigh. The system showcases a variety of our services to include proximity card access at a multitude of locations with
integrated IP video.

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Strategic Security Solutions has been a great partner for Red Hat by helping us solve challenging issues from global deployments to COVID-19 pandemics. We’re thankful for all that they do to help us!

Lee Scott

Senior Manager, Global Safety and Security
Red Hat

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Security as a Service?”

Simply put…you partner with S3 for you electronic security needs and we provide the Cloud infrastructure and administer the systems for you. You don’t worry about servers, harddrive space, or software…we take care of it all for you.

Do you offer service plans with the solutions you implement?

S3 offers two flexible options for you to keep your systems operating at optimal levels while controlling for your opex expenses. We offer a service agreement that covers all parts and labor to keep your systems running at optimal performance. We also offer a preventative maintenance agreement for those who desire regularly scheduled maintenance on the systems.

Do you offer any solutions to help businesses safely return to work considering COVID-19?

We’re not exactly a medical device company, but we had to learn a lot during the pandemic. We created several custom solutions based on our customers requirements and solved business problems for our customers. We get real excited about solving our customers business problems…even if we have to learn a lot about medical devices.

How do you handle global and national deployments?

S3 is a small company with a really long reach. Over the past 3-5 years we worked in at least 17 countries and pretty much every state in the US. Most of the time, national or global accounts get supported by our Program Management Organization (PMO) to ensure success under often difficult situations.

What is OSDP?

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an access control communications standard developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to improve interoperability among access control and security products. Legacy access control technologies can be hacked relatively easily which is why S3 installs OSDP as a standard for our customers.

Do you prefer cloud or on-premise solutions for your customers?

The short answer is that we don’t have a preference. Cloud offerings have come a long way in the last 3-5 years and we certainly see a significant portion of our customers going to the Cloud. However, some of our customers have a large IT support group and want to have 100% control of their systems, so on-premise makes for sense for them. It’s really up to the customer because both solutions offer more than what the typical customer even uses.