Novozymes is a global biotechnology company with its North American headquarters located in Franklinton, NC. Novozymes joined forces with Strategic Security Solutions when they decided to overhaul and expand upon their aging access control and CCTV systems.

A hybrid IP video solution was implemented to allow existing cameras to be utilized while expanding with the latest in IP video technology. The video solution was integrated with the access control system by allowing association of archived video with access control related events.

An enterprise access control solution was implemented and has since grown to support multiple facilities. Database integration with the HR system as well as the contractor training portal was put in place to reduce data entry, increase efficiency, and to offer a heightened level of security by ensuring that cards are deactivated when necessary without manual interaction.

The solution offers a heightened level of security, while offering efficiencies for the guard staff allowing them more time for other functions.

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Red Hat Tower

Red Hat has placed their trust in Strategic Security Solutions for the installation of the access control and CCTV systems in their new building in downtown Raleigh. The system showcases a variety of our services to include proximity card access at a multitude of locations with 
integrated IP video

Johnson Memorial Hospital

Johnston Memorial Hospital was one of many organizations utilizing an access control system that was soon to reach it’s end of life. A plan was formulated to perform the conversion with little to no disruption to the hospital staff. This was no simple task given the tight time frame.


Novozymes joined forces with Strategic Security Solutions when they decided to overhaul and expand upon their aging access control and CCTV systems.

Freudenberg IT

F-IT selected Strategic Security Solutions to implement the integrated access control and video solution at their new RTP data center facility. An tightly integrated access control / video / intrusion platform was implemented allowing functions such as frame rate changes in the event of an alarm and full audibility and control of intrusion points.

Tri Properties Incorporated

Tri Properties Inc’s needed revisions to their legacy access control system, which required upgrades to the server and remote workstations. S3NC repurposed the door hardware and open-platform Mercury field panels, migrating the access control software to the cloud-based solution.

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