Service & Maintenance

The service after the installation is what keeps clients happy for a long time. 

When you have a fire, you want to know a fire truck is rolling in your direction.  We get it, and strive for the same goal.  Nothing is worse than Friday night at 6PM and the front door is not locking!

We take great pride in servicing and maintaining systems for our clients and we focus on both the initial response time, as well as, the resolution time.  Because service and maintenance costs are typically OPEX expenses, we’ve designed three flexible service options for clients to choose from:

Standard Break/Fix

This option is often the most expensive and definitely the least predictable annual cost.  With this option, you’ll contact us and we’ll come out at remediate your system so it is fully operational again or train staff in using the system if needed and we will invoice you at our standard service rate.

Service Agreement

This option gives you the ability to fix your annual service & maintenance spend.  We handle all service & maintenance issues for the year for one set price.  This option is quoted at a discounted labor rate often making it more economical for the budget and service agreement customers are given priority scheduling for all their service needs.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

This option allows you to take a proactive approach to maintaining your equipment and your staff’s training.  Rather than wait for the equipment to fail, we come out at agreed upon intervals to do routine maintenance and retrain your staff if needed.  You are still responsible for break/fix issues, but our goal is to minimize equipment failures.   During these visits we will be cleaning cameras and equipment, realigning mechanical parts, testing batteries, performing cyber hygiene tasks like firmware updates or software updates, and etc.  Preventative maintenance agreements are quoted at a discounted labor rate.