Why S3

We believe that everyone that is on this journey with us is our family and should be treated as such.

Our employees. Our customers. Our partners.Our culture is one that highlights taking on the toughest challenges and solving complex problems. We have a “WIN” philosophy which means “Whatever Is Necessary” and we encourage our team to do whatever it takes to solve our customers business and security problems.

Our team is highly trained and certified as our culture demands holistic growth. It more than just a passion statement to us; It’s a way of life. Leave everything we touch better than we found it.

We’re privately held. The shareholders all work in the business. We’re not publicly traded and we have no institutional money behind us so we don’t answer to anyone but our customers. There is no debate in our house, the only thing on our mind is forging lasting relationships with our customers.

Why Choose S3NC?

1. S3 is focused. All that we do is electronic security. If we can solve your toughest security challenge, it’s likely that nobody can.

2. We’ve been doing this since 2002 and we’ll be here tomorrow.  There is nothing that is a “flash in the pan” about S3.

3. Professional project managers. 

4. We’re safety conscious.  OSHA 30 certified employees.

5. We invest in the future of our business –> Our people.

6. Superior after the sale customer service.