Our installation teams make the project come to life.

This is when we diligently work towards proper installation and full deployment of the technologies in the design documentation.  Oftentimes customers comment that we just seem to know more about the systems that other integrators they have previously experienced and this is when we hope you get to experience that too.

Most people have experienced someone learning on the job and it can get frustrating at times. That experience is NOT what we strive for at S3. At S3, if we sell a product we train our installation teams on the product. We focus solely on commercial electronic security so our installers can be adequately trained and stay up to date on the products. Not only do we train our installer, but we thoroughly vet our national and global installation partners to make sure they are competent in the systems being installed.

Proper installation will reduce your problems down the road and it will help you maximize the life of the system. Shortcuts during the initial installation often make expanding the system later more difficult as you end up reworking portions of the initial installation to accommodate the expansion of the system. At S3, we take great pride in our installation quality and we keep watchful eye on your future.