Design Consulting

Consulting is quite possibly the most important thing we do for our clients! 

Oftentimes clients come to us with a solution in mind and it’s our role to help them see around the corners in front of them. Let’s face it, information is widely available today and there is no shortage of people trying to sell you the shiniest new widget. During this phase S3’s only goals are to help you make the best decision to satisfy your security needs and requirements.

All we do at S3 is commercial electronic security.  You might say we’re not a jack of all trades.  We are an organization focused solely on doing one thing really well so our clients benefit from that expertise.  Each of our sales teams are staffed with multiple team members with extensive electronic security experience who are there to help our clients through the consulting and design phases.

The consulting phase is all about selecting the right technologies and products for the clients application.  To get to that destination, there’s a lot to talk about and complete.

  • Threat/vulnerability assessment
  • How do we minimize false alarms in intrusion detection application
  • Sensor technologies that are options for the application
  • On-premise vs. Cloud platforms
  • What quality level surveillance images is acceptable
  • What level of reporting do you require
  • On-site technology demonstrations
  • Review local and state codes

The goal for the consulting phase is to get final alignment on technologies and products for the application at which time we move to the design phase to roadmap how this project will come together.


Proper design ensures standardization across your enterprise and it documents your ideas from the consulting phase so installation teams can make it all come to life.  Each of our sales team has a dedicated systems engineer along with in-house CAD engineers to help with this process. Many of our clients rave about the quality of our design documentation and installation teams are excited as well.

System design is really about getting the proper bill of materials so that everything will work together and it’s about the installation details.  Our system engineers perform heat and power load calculations to ensure optimal performance, as well as, maximizing the life of the equipment. Device matrices, riser diagrams, and device location drawings are completed to better help installation teams understand the project.