Johnson Memorial Hospital

Johnston Memorial Hospital was one of many organizations utilizing an access control system that was soon to reach its end of life. After numerous issues, the hospital decided that it was time for a change. After extensive evaluation and determination of the hospital’s needs, we engineered an open-architecture solution assuring the hospital that a complete “pull and replace” would never be required again. A plan was formulated to perform the conversion with little to no disruption to the hospital staff. This was no simple task given the tight time frame.

Within 30 days, the entire system (which spanned across 4 buildings with over 120 readers) was replaced successfully. Other system enhancements were included such as:

  • Long Range Tags for Gate Operation
  • Consolidation of the variety of DVR’s into a “hybrid” CCTV solution. This allows the customer to migrate to IP video
  • Multi-Technology card readers which allowed the customer to utilize existing cards which simplified the conversion but migrate to a more secure technology moving forward
  • Automated reporting functionality

Thank you, thank you Strategic Security Solutions for making my job so much easier! One of my duties as a Human Resource secretary is to maintain current employee badges and to issue badges to new hires. This new badge system software has taken that function from a “many step” process down to two quick steps. And can I just brag on the reporting capabilities of this software? Wow, any information you need to be able to report on is basically accessible thru this system. I know I teased one of the technicians during installation and told him he was my “fairy godfather”….anything I wished the software could do …he made it happen. What a wonderful staff you have, always available to answer questions, eager to offer suggestions and listened to my needs. Thank you for making the set-up and transition of this software one of the smoothest ones I’ve ever experienced!”