Milestone MIP Platform Allows Stronger Integrations

S3’s mission statement is To drive higher standards and create a new dimension of performance in the electronic security industry. Tightly integrated solutions are a major contributing factor in achieving this, and the Milestone MIP platform allows just that.

Integration between systems offer countless benefits including:

  • Heightened security
  • Reduction in duplicate efforts
  • Better Efficiency
  • ROI

Here, we will showcase some of the benefits of CCTV / Access control integration and how Milestones approach it is unparalleled.

Traditionally, access control and video integration has been handled using various methods. Most commonly:

  • A single software platform handling both access control and CCTV. *We have found that most often one function is ok and the other typically is left with much to desire (strong video / weak access control or vice versa).
  • Video events are brought into the access control interface where video is associated with access control generated events. *This method is functional and has been used by the S3 team for years, but has also been determined to be somewhat prohibitive.

The Milestone access control integration takes a somewhat unique approach as access control events are actually brought into the VMS. We have found this to open many doors:

  • Multiple camera assignments per access control device
  • Allowance of utilizing “best of breed” software. *Focus is also very important to S3. A video platform writing video software, and an access control platform writing access control software eliminates “lock in” and assures that customers are getting the best of both worlds, with an easy alternative if they determine otherwise.
  • Cross comparison between live and DB stored images. “Is the person presenting the badge actually the person at the door”. If yes, a simple click grants access.
  • SOC or GSOC suitable alarm processing. Access control, video generated, and other events can be brought into Milestones interface where they can be associated, assigned, prioritized, commented on, reported on, etc.
  • Function overlays. Provide a receptionist a live video screen with a “grant access” button overlay as opposed to providing a hardwire pushbutton as more traditionally done.

The integration utilizes the Milestone MIP SDK and most commonly an API from the access control system assisting in eliminating the “integration broken by upgrade” issue.

The S3 team is proud to have implemented a number of these integrations as described. Please reach out to your sales team for more information or to schedule a demo.