S3 Selected as Founding Member of Feenics Cloud Force Program

Strategic Security Solutions is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the 12 founding members of the Feenics CloudForce Alliance Program! CloudForce is Feenics premier partner program designed to distinguish best-in-class systems integrators whose performance, investment in supporting our joint customers, and commitment to promoting cloud-based solutions align with Feenics core principles and philosophies.

As a member of CloudForce, and the only Alliance member in North Carolina, Strategic Security solutions is part of a tight knit community of elite system integrators who can collaborate on cross regional projects, share best practices amongst themselves, and leverage each other’s expertise in an effort to best serve the interests of our customer base.

Feenics has proven to be an instrumental partner in effort to broaden our hosted, managed, and security as a service? offerings. This is reflective of our mission. We are proud to be a founding member of the Cloud Force program as it offers additional arrows in our quiver, therefore, allowing us to better serve our customer base says Jay Slaughterbeck, CEO of Strategic Security Solutions.

As a CloudForce Alliance member, S3 has earned a number of unique benefits including lead generation, greater access to Feenics training, collaboration opportunities with other alliance members, and direct involvement with Feenics product strategies.

As for Feenics? point of view, it is imperative that CloudForce delivers value to the end-user community via a CloudForce integrator’s:

1: intense familiarity with Feenics solutions,
2: highly skilled sales and technical teams that put customer needs first,
3: ability to embrace leading technologies that deliver maximum customer value, and  
4: willingness to participate in the CloudForce community to raise the level of expertise and capabilities of the entire alliance. 

Feenics CEO Sam Shalaby puts it best I believe that the presence of a CloudForce Alliance shield will signal to the end-user community that they are in good hands when partnering with a CloudForce member. Our customers can be confident that the integrator, in this case Strategic Security Solutions, has made significant investments to optimally support their needs.

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