Assa Abloy delivers refresher training for the S3 team.

Thanks to our partners from Assa Abloy for stopping by and giving the S3 team refresher training. It was a full day of training as well as practical application of that training. S3 is grateful for this opportunity allowing the entire team to be able to interact and learn directly from Assa Abloy.

Some of the topics reviewed:

  • How to select the correct locking hardware for your doors. Factors to be considered: Is the door frame concrete filled? Is there sag in the door? Is the door fire rated? All of these factors are relevant when deciding on which lock will be required and if performed correctly can save on overall labor.
  • Fundamentals of a door. Is the door fire rated or is it steel stiffened? This really does matter and can be a life saver when it comes to actually installing the access control technology.
  • Installation of strikes was performed using provided templates (Thanks for the gifts!)
  • Refresher training on core drilling doors..
  • Last but not least… we reviewed some of the Assa Abloy wireless options for readers and locks. This is ever emerging technology that saves time on installations, and allows flexibility for installations in areas otherwise not possible.

If you are considering access control and haven’t considered these specific topics, the S3 Sales Team is here to help guide you through this process ensuring you get the proper equipment installed.