LenelS2 Introduces OnGuard Security Management System Version 8.1

LenelS2 recently released Version 8.1 of their OnGuard platform further enhancing some of the impressive functionality that has recently been developed. The full press release can be viewed here.

Some features (new and old) that the S3 team finds exciting:

  • Deeper integration with Magic Monitor. This allows a common interface for manipulation of access control related functions and events as well as video related functions and events.
  • Enhanced integration with Milestone XProtect. Like Lenel, S3 considers Milestone an important partner, and therefore tighter integrations only further benefit our customers.
  • Improved auditing and reporting.
  • Access Manager. This is a tool that allows users to manage the rights of cardholders (instead of administrators as traditionally performed) simplifying access management. Auditability is important for many (not only who has access to an area, but why). This is also provided as part of this tool.
  • Cardholder Self Service. This allows cardholders to request access to areas, and defined approvers to grant it. Also included are features such as self reissuance of mobile credentials.

Please reach out to your S3 sales team for more details.