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Strategic Security Solutions On Track For Big Year

Jay Slaughterbeck, a managing partner of Strategic Security Solutions, a security systems integrator based in Raleigh, NC, told ”Security System News” that the company is “on track to have our biggest year ever in 2016”. He also indicated that the company was due to exceed $6 million in business, due in large part to sustainable growth from large customers and major projects. Jay explained: “The growth is all organic and when you bring on big customers, you get a lot of recurring service and expansion-type revenue.”

Another area in which Slaughterbeck says the company is growing is in the use of cloud technology: “The biggest new thing that we have embraced is cloud-based, or cloud-hosted technology,” he explained. “We are doing a lot in that space and trying to do more. In instances where smaller customers don’t have the level of IT support needed, it eliminates that requirement but still allows them to have the functionality of a true enterprise solution.” The growth of cloud-based solutions from Strategic Security Solutions has also partially occurred due to the company’s improved customer education attempts. Many customers did not initially understand the benefits of cloud-based solutions, but Slaughterbeck believes that Strategic Security Solutions has started the positive momentum towards cloud-based integrated security solutions.

Strategic Security Solutions has 12 employees and is the subsidiary of Strategic Connections, which does AV, fire alarm, phone systems and structured wiring. As a result, Strategic Security has ready access to its parent company?s technicians, and also derives sales leads from its parent company.

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